ESL Teaching Resources

Here are some great teacher resources English as a Second Language – ESL Teacher resources, downloadable worksheets, esl games and more

Use your teacher wisdom when selecting age-appropriate material! – top quality worksheets, reading material and printable flashcards. Good material for both kids and adults, levels from beginner to advanced. I personally love this site, however, it is not free, but well worth the $65 yearly subscription. – downloadable worksheets and handouts some activities are FREE, others are for members with a  $39 subscription – 14,020 English Conversation Questions divided into categories. Good for warm-ups or theme-based lessons. Mostly for adult conversation, you will have to edit if you use with children. FREE – lots of downloadable worksheets- grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, reading, lots! FREE – downloadable handouts and worksheets with text layouts,  good for extra, supplementary activities or homework assignments.  FREE

scription. – I personally love this one for the idioms and etymology. this site features: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical Dictionary, Legal Dictionary,Financial Dictionary, Acronyms, Idioms with etymology, Encyclopedia, and links to Wikipedia Encyclopedia. – downloadable worksheets and handouts, excellent graphics and illustrations- FREE – Exam preparation for KET




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